Empowering optimised health.

Helping patients and health professionals to find solutions to clinical problems

Blood testing to proactively monitor your health.

Optimal Health monitoring

Optimise your health outcomes with data.

1. Order your test online.


Ordering the tests is a seamless experience. Ample informative descriptions of the tests are provided to assist customers.

2. Visit collection centre.

Once the referral form is ready, visit one of 900 collection centre you have designated. The samples will be obtained by a professional pathology collector.

3. Get your results.

The results will be waiting for you in your personal secure inbox.

4. Get the answers you were searching for.

Equipped with the new information, you can discuss the results with your health professional or utilise this information the way you find suitable.

Cloud Based Optimum Health Data

Actionable data you can track over time

100% Australian Owned.

Data is stored on the cloud in Australia