This story should not have happened. But it did. Hence, the serious $10 000 000 damages were awarded to a 29 years old patient who will be wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life.

This case is truly a Rolls-Royce of medico-legal practice. This is all started when Miss A., a 29 years old professional woman, complained to her doctor about fatigue and weakness. She progressively experienced difficulties concentrating, sleeping and walking.

A doctor ordered the tests. One of them was Vitamin B12. The test came back abnormal. The Vitamin B12 levels were significantly below normal. Other tests showed anaemia. Astonishingly, nobody suspected that the cause of her symptoms might be vitamin B12 deficiency. 

The tests were ordered again six months later. However, the patient had already been confined to a wheelchair. 


Vitamin B12 is one of the most important biologically active substances responsible for nerve function. Up to 6% of the population is Vitamin B12 deficient in the Western world. Some Latin American countries report that up to 40% of their population is Vitamin B12 deficient.

Vitamin B12 supplementation is readily available in Australia. It is a A$1.85 a month injection available at any pharmacy. Almost any GP is happy to administer that injection to everybody. A $1.85 could cure Miss A while she was still in the position to be cured!


Unfortunately, the doctors were looking at some complicated neurological disorders while the solution was right in front of them – deficiency of Active Vitamin B12. Then there was a time for lawyers specialising in medical malpractice. The doctor’s negligence was easily proven. The blaming game started. One medical establishment would point the finger to another.


Sadly, no multimillion Court verdict for medical malpractice would cure Miss A. Now, 32 years old, she is still wheelchairbound, and her condition was agreed to be irreversible.


Sometimes it is as simple as ABC to prevent some irreversible damage to one’s health. Why not have a regular, simple, easy and affordable checkup? Vitamin B12 test along with a Full blood examination can tell a story. Have a test, find out, get a solution.


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