Apart from being the most popular recreational drug, Cannabis is also becoming a prescribed remedy for a number of medical conditions.
However, researchers from Penn State University discovered that this ‘natural’ remedy has a dark secret. Marijuana is a unique plant that soaks toxic heavy metals from the soil. This is good for the soil but has dangerous detrimental effects on the health of the users.
“Heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium, are known to be carcinogenic,” said Louis Bengyella, assistant research professor of plant science, Penn State. “The heavy-metal content of cannabis is not regulated; therefore, consumers could unknowingly be exposed to these toxic metals. This is bad news for anyone who uses cannabis but is particularly problematic for cancer patients who use medical marijuana to treat nausea and pain associated with their treatments.”
Cannabis plants can also remove pollutants from the air and water.
Heavy metals poisoning leads to terrible health problems. Heavy metal poisoning leads to serious hormonal disbalance, bone, lungs, heart, skin, gut and brain damage. Heavy metals are also highly cancerogenic – cause cancer. Some heavy metals may cause liver and kidney failure. The poisoning with heavy metals rarely causes very noticeable symptoms at the beginning. The damaging process progresses slowly. Some first signs of toxic metal poisoning are tiredness and grey skin.
The heavy metal blood test is readily available via private pathology services, however, the GPs in Australia are reluctant to order those tests. The toxic metals blood test is relatively affordable and can be ordered online.
Marijuana is not the only source of toxic metals for humans. Mercury poisoning may occur due to overconsumption of tuna, for example. Testing blood for heavy metals is always a good starting point.