Health Insurance policy without examination.

Private Health insurance plays important role in funding your health care. It covers the treatments and services that are not currently available under Government-subsidised schemes.
Many finance companies offer loans for treatments such as cosmetic surgery.

Some Health insurance plans come with “no medical exam required”. This is an enticement that makes the insurance deal attractive because you didn’t spend time going through tests and doctor’s appointments. The same kind of offers – “no exam life insurance”, exists for Life Insurance products as well.

Whilst this may be a good deal to save time on your insurance, there is a catch. The catch is that “no exam life insurance” may cost more because insurance companies try to compensate for the risk of underwriting an unexamined person. 
Another potential problem with “no medical exam insurance” is that you may inadvertently withhold some important health information from the insurer. This may render the health/life insurance void. For example, when you fill in the questionnaire for the insurance product, you enter the information the way you understand it. Not being a medical person, that may not be accurate enough. If you take a medical exam before signing up for life or health insurance, a doctor collects most of the information for the application. In that case, the insurance company will not be able to say that you have misled them during the application process and your insurance claim will be safe.