The newest blood test in the world – The Galleri test for Cancer screening is to be released at the end of 2022.

This amazing new technology can identify more than 50 kinds of cancer in minutes. It is hard not to get excited about this scientific marvel.

Previously, cancers were diagnosed in many different ways – CT scans, X-Ray, colonoscopies, biopsies etc. All of those methods are pretty good, however, they often find cancer when it is too late.

The advantage of the Galleri tests is that a drop of blood will tell the presence of cancer at the very early stage. Most cancers are completely curable when caught early. The blood test for cancer could be used as a screening tool for yearly routine screening.

The Galleri test is based on a simple, yet genius idea. All cells in the human body have their unique structure. The cells of the liver are different from the cells of the skin. The nerve cells are different from the cells of the gut. The same applies to cancer cells. Not only they are different from other cells in the body. They also differ between themselves.

The cancer cells constantly grow. They also constantly die. The Galleri test recognises particles of the DNA of the cancerous cells and inform the doctors of what kind of cancer is present in the body.