Inflammation Factsheet




  • Inflammation is the most common part of a disease in the human body. Yet, it is the least discussed topic in popular health conversations. Why is that the case?
  • Inflammation is not always apparent. Acute inflammation is easy to recognise. It causes fever, chills, muscle pain and malaise.
  • Chronic, sub-acute inflammation is creeping in slowly causing fatigue, muscle weakness, depression, hardening of the arteries, balance problems and dry eyes.
  • Inflammation is very common. 
  • Testing for inflammation often leads to a discovery of roots and the location of the health problem.
  • Risk factors for inflammation include:
    • chronic infection somewhere in the body. That may be sinusitis or a pelvic inflammatory disease or just an arthritic joint.
    • genetic disorders leading to systemic or local inflammation.
    • autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, autoimmune inflammation of the gut etc.
    • stressful lifestyle.


Optimal Health


  • Testing for inflammation is essential particularly if you are in an at-risk group.
  • Should any inflammation be identified, an investigation should be launched to determine the causes.


Symptoms of Inflammation


  • Extreme tiredness (fatigue). The fatigue sets in slowly, eventually, reaching debilitating levels.
  • Lack of energy (lethargy). It is sometimes confused with the lack of motivation seen in depression.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Feeling faint, dizzy, unsteady.
  • Persistent headaches, especially after the exercise.
  • Pale, unhealthy looking skin.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Iron and some Vitamins’ deficiencies are caused by inflammation. They used to say in a poetic fashion at old medical schools that ‘Iron is being consumed by inflammation’.


Achieving Optimal Inflammation Levels

Inflammation is not always a bad thing. Inflammation is required to deal with acute infections. Have you ever had a sore throat or an inflamed wound that eventually healed? Yes, the process of healing occurred because of the inflammation.

However, a chronic, sub-acute inflammation exhausts the body. It eats up the chemicals and nutrients necessary for healthy function. We mentioned depletion of Iron due to inflammation.

Successful management of inflammation begins from testing when one is suspected. Armed with useful test data patients and their health professionals can deal with the health problems.


Download this factsheet in PDF format here.