STI Panel (excluding Hepatitis)

Dexanova offers completely Anonymous, Confidential and Discreet STI checks.

Sexually Transmitted Infections or Diseases are medical conditions passed from one person to another in the course of intimate contact. Very rarely, these conditions passed without intimate contact but in everyday living activities or by accident.

1 in 5 sexually active people in the USA has an STD. Doctors confirm that there is an STD epidemic.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) are infections are common however STI’s are spread by intimate contact. A STI Panel will check if you have an infection, discreetly.

You should have a regular check if you are with a new partner.

A STI Panel provides a rapid, discreet and confidential testing. There are more than 800 collection locations throughout Australia. Simply take your order request form to your nearest clinic. Our experienced collector will collect the samples needed for the lab.

1 in 5 sexually active people in the USA has an STD. These statistics vary slightly between Western countries and Doctors and Public Health officials confirm that there is an STD epidemic.

The panel test for HIV, Chlamydia (urine), Gonorrhea (urine) Herpes (HSV 1/2) and Syphilis.

If you need testing, you also should consider the window period. The window period is where you can get a negative result but still have the infection. You can test early, however a repeat test should be done after 6-8 weeks.

STI                                          Window period
Chlamydia                             1-5 days (most accurate after 7 days)
Gonorrhea                            2-4 days (most accurate after 7 days)
Syphilis                                 6 weeks
HIV                                        6 weeks
Hepatitis A                          4 weeks
Hepatitis B                          30-60 days
Hepatitis C                          6-10 weeks

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