For us, medical scientists, syphilis is one of the most exciting venereal diseases. This is because syphilis may cause any known or yet unknown symptom. Most of the patients experience a classic progression of this condition starting with a single painless lesion at the place the bacteria called Treponema pallidum entered the body. However, a great number of patients experience an atypical progression of this STD.

Luckily, syphilis is easily treated today with just a couple of IM injections. Unfortunately, a lot of people that acquired syphilis do not know about their condition. They suffer from some ongoing problems that affect every bodily system or organ causing, potentially, any symptom. It is so easy to test and treat.

The blood test becomes positive 3-6 weeks after exposure to the bacteria but might not find antibodies for up to 90 days after infection. The antibodies to Treponema Pallidum remain in the body for many years. If one has had a past infection with syphilis and was treated, the test results could remain positive for life. If you have a past history of treated syphilis infection, this information should be shared with your doctor. This will ensure the selection of the appropriate tests to determine whether or not current infection is present.

Syphilis is part of the STI/STD testing panel.

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